NFT Farming

After dragon is initially hatched, Energy is 1, players can take it to the NFT Farming to get Energy and get reward.

The dragon will recover 10 Energy points every hour (1200 blocks). As Energy increases, reward in NFT Farming will increase, and dragons can’t increase energy if it reaches the energy upper limit.

🌠 Algorithm for reward increase and duration increase

  • The contract defaults to set the reward growth efficiency to 60%, that is, the proportion of new rewards in the cumulative rewards, and the corresponding block reward increase is 60% of the bonus increment ratio, and the remaining 40% will extend the proportional distribution cycle.

  • We will adjust the incremental ratio according to the actual total sales, so that the farm’s rewards and distribution cycle are in line with the actual economic ecology.

🔒 Farm Closed

  • Trigger condition: When the activity of the game (the number of addition reward) is greatly reduced and no one buys it, the distribution cycle may be terminated.

  • Dealing with unclaimed rewards: When the distribution of farm rewards ceases, a three-day buffer period will be provided for players to retrieve their pledged pets and rewards to be claimed. After more than 3 days, the project will have the authority to retrieve the unclaimed rewards from the farm for the issuance of new farms or other gameplay rewards.

How to Farm?

Step 1: You need to go to the Shop to buy eggs

Step 2: Go to My Home and use 5 BPET tokens to Hatch Eggs. After that, the eggs will randomly hatch into 1 of 5 types of dragons.

Buy Dragon Egg with the current value of 0.3 BNB amount of BPET, and the value of Dragon Egg remains constant at 0.3 BNB.

Step 3: Go to NFT Farming and select the farm corresponding to the type of dragon you have.

Step 4: Stake and confirm

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