Pet Dragon Breeding

Every two dragons can have chances to breed one dragon egg.
Breeding Rules
  • The higher level of the two dragons serves as the reference dragon.There is a certain chance to breed a dragon that is one level higher than the reference dragon.
  • The attributes of the five elements of the dragon are reproduced according to the probability of the mutual proportion of the level, and there is a 1% probability that other attributes of the five elements will be reproduced.
  • Only dragons with the same ownership and in free state can breed.
When breed 2 dragon together, the 2 dragon will be burn , and get a higher level egg. For example, senior dragon breed with commom dragon will get a rare egg. Common dragon breed with common dragon will get a senior egg, breed doesnt require to use 2 same level dragon. The level of egg will be higher than the highest level of 2 dragon that used for breed.
Eggs that are bred by two parent dragons have the probability to hatch a dragon that of lower level. Level of dragon is judged by the average attributes value of dragon (health+attack+defense+speed+energy/5). Upper limit of a rare egg attributes value is 300. (It is random pick). If the average attributes value is larger than 200, that is rare level dragon. If average attributes value is between 100 and 200, it is senior dragon. If average attributes value is less than 100, it is common dragon. Therefore, the risk of breeding exists. If you are not able to take the risk , please dont do breeding.
Probability Calculation