Players put pets on the battlefield to fight, distribute reward based on the honor obtained.

Ⅰ. General rules

① When total attribute value ( health + attack + defense + speed +energy ) reaches 350, and the energy is filled up to its upper limit, Dragon can be transferred to Battlefield for free.

② Dragon can win reward in battlefield by winning honor points via PK, if Dragon need to get back to NFT farming, can be transferred to NFT farming.

③ Once Dragon clicks join the battlefield, it can get reward in battlefield, if Dragon initiates challenge at first in battlefield, it need to spend 10 Energy points to challenge other dragons, it takes 1 hour to recover 10 Energy points in battlefield.

④ We add referral function, Binapet players can have their referral link, for users invite others to play Binapet with their referral link, once invitee has bought ancient egg in shop, the inviter and invitee will bind together, inviter will get referral fee, that is 5‰ of the props consumption value spent by invitee. The referral mechanism is 2-layer mechanisim, the second layer indirect inviter will get 3‰ of the invitee's props comsumption value.

⑤ We add naming function for all players, players can name their dragons.

Ⅱ. Battlefield reward

① The reward method of the battlefield is the same as that of the farm. It also relies on the Dragon being pledged on the battlefield, and rewards are produced through each block. Rewards are distributed to Dragons pledged on the battlefield.

② Honor points are the basis for distribution of rewards in battlefield.

③ Players can challenge other Dragon in the battlefield. When become winner of the battle, the winner will win Honor points from the opponent's dragon, and the loser will lose the Honor points accordingly.

④ The total reward pool of the battlefield, the return ratio of shop revenue, and the number of rewards per block are all higher than that in the farm. When relaunch of game, the reward pool of NFT farming and battlefield will be set initially, initial reward pool of NFT farming is 15 million BPET, block reward is 1.5 BPET/block, initial reward pool of battlefield is 25 million, block reward is 2.5 BPET/block. 80% of the shop revenue is returned to the battlefield, and 20% is returned to the farm.

⑤ The initial Honor value of each dragon is 100 points, in the PK of two Dragons, the reward of each battle is 10% of loser’s Honor points, the winner can win at least 1 Honor point. If challenger of the battle wins, it will additionally win 10% of the loser’s reward, if the challenger of battle loses, it will not lose its current reward. Kind reminder to collect your reward timely in case lose in battlefield.

⑥ Honor only represents the basis for proportional distribution of reward in battlefield, do not represent the actual reward or loss.

Ⅲ. Challenge rules

① In every battle, challenger needs to use 10 points of Energy. The defender does not consume Energy. When the dragon with the Energy is less than 10, it will not be able to actively attack other dragon.

② Dragons belong to the same player can’t attack each other.

③ When the challenger wins, the defender will enter the protection period (1 hour, 1200 blocks). During the protection period, the challenger cannot challenge this defender again. The protection period is only valid for this challenger, other dragons can still actively attack the Dragon.

④ When Honor point of Dragon is 0, the Dragon can’t be challenged by other dragons and can’t get reward in battlefield.

Ⅳ. Battle instructions

① Basic algorithm is a three-round block calculation, in each round, the Dragon attacks the opponent once. After the three rounds, the player with the highest Health point wins, or if one Dragon‘s Health point is 0 in any of the three rounds, it loses.

② First-hand algorithm: Calculate the first-hand probability according to the ratio of the speed values of the two dragons. For example, if the speed of Dragon A is 60 and the speed of Dragon B is 40, then the first-hand probability of Dragon A and Dragon B is 60%: 40%

③ Dodge algorithm: According to speed gap of two Dragon, probability rate is speed gap / 1000, for example, Dragon A speed is 300, Dragon B speed is 200, when B attacks A, A has dodge probability = (300-200)/1000 = 10%, the Dragon with lower speed points still has at least 1/1000 dodge probability.

④ Damage algorithm: base damage equals to (attack point - defense point), damage coefficient (referring to the coefficient of the damage result) is (0-50%). Attack power coefficient is (0-70%). For example, when Attack point is 100, actual attack will be 100-170 randomly, when defense is 100, damage value is 0-70 randomly, and the actual damage result will add damage coefficient (0 - 50%), when attack power is less than defense, minimum damage result is 1. (damage means to deduct Health points)

⑤ Level advantage: Attack power will expand by (level gap * 10)%

⑥ Attributes advantage: gold>wood>earth> water>fire>gold. When the attribute is superior, the attack power will rise by 0-20%, this can take effect together with level advantage.

How to play

Step 1: Connect your wallet and swap for BPET via this link.

Step 2: Use BPET to buy at least one dragon on the Marketplace. Remember to keep some BNB in your wallet for handling fee.

Step 3: Pick a dragon for Battle

Step 4: Choose a dragon as your opponent

Step 5: Confirm your transaction and wait for the results after the automatic battles

Step 6: If you win, you can claim your reward. If not, you lost 10 points of Energy.

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