Game Characters

Dragon Egg

The dragon eggs that players can buy in the item market are "Ancient Egg", and the five-color dragon eggs bred by dragons are called "Elemental Eggs."

Pet Dragon Attributes

Five elements attributes

gold (yellow), wood (green), water (blue), fire (red), earth (brown)

🔱 Battle Attributes

"Health", "Attack", "Defense", "Speed", when the life is 0, the battle fails or the player with low blood volume at the end of the round fails, and each battle is directly calculated on the chain.

💫 Energy

  • Energy Consumption: Pets will consume Energy in battle. The loser of PK will lose 10 points of Energy, and the winner will lose 5 points of Energy. Pets cannot participate in battle when Energy is 0.

  • Energy Supplement: Including two ways to recuperate, toget energy in thefarm or use props to restore Energy. Thepet recovers 10 points of Energy per hour (1200 blocks) when the pet is pledged in the farm, and dragons of different levels have different Energy caps. At the same time, Energy is the basis for the proportional divide of reward pool in the of farm.


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